Dear Church

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Dear Church

This morning I see so many stories in my newsfeed about friends planting new churches, celebrating worship in prison yards, baptizing new Christ followers. It is easy for me to gloss over what is going on in the Church; I take for granted what it means to BE the Church. And we certainly don’t always get it right. But this morning I am overcome with pride and joy and gratitude for you.

We are the light bearers.
We are the truth tellers.
We are the hope givers.
We are the troops of the Kingdom of Heaven with marching orders to declare that wherever our feet may trod becomes holy ground of the King.

He is the King of hope
Of good
Of compassion
Of justice
Of mercy

The king who created the stars, and atoms, and acorns… and me.
The king with dirty feet from walking in our shoes, who corrected the arrogant, and dined with the outcast.
Who delights in children, and weeps over death.
The King who heals the sick, touches the untouchable, and walks victoriously away from death bringing the keys of our bondage with him to set us free.

And where His people exist, Heaven breaks through bringing light to the darkness, food to the hungry, warmth to the cold, hope to the hopeless, and love to the lonely.

So eyes up on the King, Church.
Arms open. Hearts forward.
March on to the anthem of hope and fullness and joy. March on to the anthem of King Jesus.

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